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PixelFlow at Cutters

August 22, 2013

August 22nd 2013
We had a great seeing PixelFlow CEO, Patrick Sculley present at SF Cutters last week. Cutters is known for being the worlds first Final Cut Pro User's Group and the meeting was held at Adobe in San Francisco. The presentation covered more advanced PixelFlow based workflows since this wasn't our first time to demo to the group. (Background: the original designs for PixelFlow were crowdsourced from the Creative Pro User Group community, namely SF Cutters)

We got to see PixelFlow's new Content Management features in action for the first time, as well as, a realtime collaboration session between Patrick and a PixelFlow user/producer in Los Angeles. The two were able to walk through a video together while chatting and posting notes to the timeline.

The event was fun, informative and included give aways for free PixelFlow subscriptions. Al Mooney followed with an action packed demo of Adobe Premiere. A huge thank you to Claudia Crask, Kevin Monahan and the Cutters team.
Digital Production Buzz

October 7, 2013

October 3rd 2013
I had a great time during my interview on the Digital Production Buzz last week! We discussed a number of number of new features in our new PixelFlow Air platform - including security in the wake of the recent Adobe Creative Cloud attack.

To check out the interview, click the play button above or click here for more information about the Digital Production Buzz. The online radio show is hosted by Larry Jordan and Michael Horton, industry experts who cover filmmaking, video production, post-production, and distribution.