About Us

The Team

Patrick Sculley
Founder & CEO

Andrew Baum
Business Advisor

Pat Sculley
Chairman and Advisor

Reagan Smith
Legal Advisor
PixelFlow Begins
Insight: Patrick circulates video in the cloud workflow concepts at user group meetings.
Idea: Patrick develops simple media collaboration tools for his brother William.
Product: PixelFlow beta demoed at Create-A-Sphere event.
Product: PixelFlow v1.0 launched at Creative Pro Supermeet.
Focus: Pat Sculley takes the role of Chairman.
Destiny: Patrick meets Andrew Baum at a Bay Area street festival.
Product: iPixelFlow (iPhone) launches at DV Expo.
Product: PixelFlow Air launches at NAB.
Direction: Reagan Smith joins as legal advisor and counselor.
Who we are

We are a group of media technology fanatics that love building collaboration tools.

Our users feed our passion and are the reason we love what we do.

Why we do it

Video is a universal medium and we believe you can use it to change the world.

We provide the tools that connect creative circles by the breaking the boundaries of distance, timezones, technology and anything else in the way.

Is PixelFlow for you?

If you are passionate about your message, value your customers and are ready to change the world, then PixelFlow is for you.

We invite you to use the service for free and discover how easy it is to PixelFlow.